To The Editor:

I am appalled by the sheer cold-heartedness and cruelty of some conservative-Republicans in forcing victims/survivors of incest to give birth to the child of their evil predator. I guess they feel that these women and girls have not suffered enough and have not been damaged enough. For five years, my heart ached as I listened to the most disgusting and despicable acts that were committed against them by the men in their lives who should have loved them and protected them, but, instead, made it impossible for them to ever trust a man. As one victim/survivor said to me “If you can’t trust your own father, then how can you ever trust any man?”

I asked the therapists and counselors who had a lot more experience than the five years that I had as a therapist and counselor working in the field of Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health, if they have ever heard of an incest victim/survivor who had a happy, successful, long-lasting romantic relationship. Every one of them said “No. Never.”

These conservative-Republicans who are doing this should be ashamed of themselves.


Stewart B. Epstein

Rochester, N.Y.

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