Remember nation’s history lest it be repeated

To the editor:

Hearing the latest antics of Trump supporters in Texas who surrounded a Biden-Harris campaign bus just days or even hours before Tuesday's election was appalling. 

Striking fear is something that is barbaric and really the ways of dictators of the past and present like Hitler, Idi Amin, Kim Jong Un and Putin. Of course, two of these dictators have been befriended by Trump. When reading this recent bullying attack by Trump supporters I immediately thought of these three names: Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner. 

These names belonged to three true American heroes who were pursued by white supremacists after being released from a jail in Mississippi back in 1964. This group, composed of two white Americans and one African American, was in Mississippi on what, in my opinion, was a brave and noble assignment to register voters. They wanted to help individuals have the right to have their voices heard. 

Unfortunately their journey ended when individuals pursued them after they had been detained and held after a traffic stop in which they had been “accused of speeding.” Their bodies were found buried in an earthen dam two months later after the FBI received a tip. What a horrific nightmare those men had to endure.

I am tired of Trump supporters saying, after bullying tactics have been used, that those participating including Trump himself were only having a little fun. We better call Webster and tell him to update the definition of “fun.”

I have been a lifelong Democrat, but that does not mean that I have not gotten upset with my own party. I did not agree with Obama when he required a certain type of health insurance and if you did not comply there would be a penalty. I think for about a week I supported Trump just on that issue alone, but then I knew that was not enough to make me switch parties. 

We are not expected to agree with our respective parties on everything, however, when disagreements arise we do not need to resort to bullying. Bullying just leads to violence.

Some people do not see the importance of historians like Doris Kearns Goodwin and Douglas Brinkley, but we must never forget our nation's history lest episodes of what happened on a dark night in Mississippi could be repeated.

Rachel Johnson


In support of communitywide mask-wearing

To the editor:

There have been excellent editorials in the Quill on the pandemic. Frank Martin's letter was very good and I am in agreement with his premises and suggestions.

The Center for Disease Control has through the years been the doctors' informative center for preventive control of infectious disease and the medical community has respected and adhered to the CDC.

There are (mask) mandated communities around us: Ava, Branson, Joplin, Springfield. Take their percent positive out of those tested and compare with Howell County. our rate is around 15%. At that level, we will continue spreading pretty good.

Our deaths in two weeks went from 12 to 32. I would hope Dr. Shaw, who is an excellent family doctor, would be flexible in restudying the issue. Our people are just complying poorly with suggestions.

We need mandatory masking and social distancing. I think employees in restaurants, city offices and health care facilities are pretty good, but consumers very noncompliant.

I always like to buy local. Seldom go to Springfield or Mtn. Home. With COVID exposure in our stores, Amazon is pretty convenient.

It's true the coronavirus is most serious in old people who have underlying health problems and the corona end factor.

In the long run, the economy would be better with "no compassion" and a do-nothing, "it's going away" approach. Think about it: The elderly, most of outpatient health care, most of hospital care, most of nursing home care, most of pharmaceutical expenses. A lot of us users will die off.

But we are compassionate people with family ties, we want to give and get love.

Marvin Fowler, MD, retired

West Plains

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