To The Editor:

The concept of “false consciousness” (a way of thinking that prevents a person from perceiving how their society actually “works”) appears to be rampant all over the planet relative to how popular right-wing populism has become and how people have been “suckered” into falling for this nonsense as if people who look different from “us” are what’s wrong in the world as opposed to what really is wrong in the world — the grossly unequal distribution of income, wealth, and power.

It amazes me how people in this country are given a basically free public school education through high school and yet turn out to be unaware of who really has their best interests at heart and what is going on politically in the USA — that the top 1%-5% run the country and manipulate the rest of us into believing that what is in THEIR economic self-interest is also best for the other 95%-99% of us Even the so-called liberal/progressive news media types fall for this (CNN and MSNBC) as they are obsessed with Trump-bashing and ignore the economic struggles and problems of the lower and middle classes to survive and pay their bills.

The truth is that a lower or middle-class American voting for a conservative-Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.


Stewart B. Epstein

Rochester, N.Y.

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