To the editor: I would like to respond to the letter “Good guy with a gun isn’t the answer” published on August 10, 2019. Throughout the letter “fully automatic weapon” is referred to when in fact no automatic weapon has ever been used in these horrible crimes. 

Federal law highly regulates the manufacture, sale, and ownership of fully automatic weapons in the United States. Under the National Firearms Act, it is illegal for any private civilian to own any fully automatic weapons manufactured after May 19, 1986. Those weapons manufactured prior to that date may be privately owned after applying for a special permit and undergoing an extensive background check. The low end cost of an automatic weapon starts at around $18,000 and therefore not accessible to the average person.  

A good guy with a gun is exactly what you want in this type of situation. Take the recent Walmart incident in Springfield for example. A good guy with a gun held this individual at bay until police arrived and if it had escalated to an actual shooting incident, the good guy would have been the only line of defense for at least three minutes. 

There are numerous incidents throughout the United States where a good guy with a gun has intervened and saved lives but unfortunately those are not considered noteworthy by the mainstream news media and get little to no attention. A good guy with a gun is exactly what I want when the average police response is three to five minutes. 

If nothing else, three to five minutes of extra time to get out of harm’s way while the shooter is engaged by the good guy can be the difference between life and death.

Ken Edens

Willow Springs

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