To the editor:

We have a humanitarian crisis at the border and our country’s response to it is shameful. People who are seeking asylum from threats to their lives are being detained in the equivalent of concentration camps. The Trump administration recently cut funding for education and recreation for migrant children. Extreme overcrowding in detention centers is causing an immediate threat to migrants seeking asylum. The Trump administration has continued to separate migrant families nearly a year after a judge barred family separations. Trump is using fear tactics that are designed to divide Americans on immigration issues. Representative Jason Smith in a recent article in the Salem News claimed that migrant’s are putting their children at risk by forcing them to make a perilous journey hoping to guarantee their entry to the US. He stated that “..our country’s generosity and lenient immigration laws are encouraging more and more people to end up in these perilous situations”.This is not true of the majority of migrants. Famine caused by drought, corrupt politicians, gangs and the drug cartels who spread terror are the reason families are sending their children to our border. All the migrants want is for their children is to be safe and secure.President Donald Trump has officially taken steps to cut off aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador — the countries that are the origin point for the current wave of family migration to the US. This aid is important to reducing migration to the US by addressing the reason people leave their country. Due to this aid immigration had dropped to the smallest total in five decades but the number of undocumented people entering the US is soaring under Trump. History will judge us. Let’s do the right thing and offer aid and comfort to people fleeing for their lives.

Janet Fossey 

Salem, Ark. 

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