To the editor: With the most recent mass murder many of us are wondering what, realistically, can be done. None of us are immune to this growing threat.

An acquaintance mentioned to me a few days ago that someone with a gun just might save my life someday. Implying a situation where a concealed carry “good guy with a gun” might save the day by shooting the bad guy with the fully automatic weapon.

Ummm … no. They won’t. If it weren’t glaringly ludicrous the idea of a normal person being calm enough in that situation to fire a kill shot from a handgun would be hilarious. The “good guy” becomes an easily dispatched annoyance with the first shot.

When face to face with the psychopath armed with an automatic weapon intent on slaughtering as many as possible, in that moment, you have to realize that to try to be “the good guy with a gun” means you will die. Massively, literally, outgunned.

When faced with certain grisly death from unimaginable bloody trauma with the dead and dying around you, realization will, no doubt, dawn that whatever handgun (no matter the caliber) you have in your pocket, your purse, your waistband, or (horrors) in the diaper bag is the definition of inadequate.

That to try to be that cowboy, that hero who saves the day means stark, certain, bloody death. For you and everyone standing close to you.

I am a gun owner and have no problem with gun ownership. No problem with concealed carry. I have a problem with weapons meant for mass killing in the hands of anyone who wants them. A problem with easy access to implements of slaughter.

What about our rights and protections? The “good guy with a gun” isn’t the answer. We are. You are. Make your voice heard.

Becky Conklin

Mtn. View

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