To the editor, It is amazing to me what the law considers dangerous and illegal actions versus what is lawful.

If you get caught with a seat belt off or driving uninsured, you can get a ticket. If you threaten someone you get, what? A warning, maybe. That is if they decide to look for you.

Which is more dangerous to society? A seat belt violator or a man who threatens his girlfriend, wife, child, parent, etc.?

Which would scare you more: an uninsured driver or an individual who threatened your love ones? Or perhaps even threatened you!

If the one being threatened was a cop or a politician, then the law would no doubt consider that an act of terrorism. However, if it’s just an upset, scared, out of her wits female, then what’s it called? A misunderstanding? That time of the month? An attitude adjustment?

We need to change our priorities. Our loved ones are more important than donut money for the cops and city hall.

Jim Young

West Plains

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