To the editor: I have to write this, because it happened to me and I felt something I could not understand or explain.

Deanna and I watched a movie tonight on Amazon that is based on a true story. The movie is called “The Trump Prophecy;” as I watched it, I wasn’t sure what it was going to be until it was about half over.

When I saw what it was leading to, it struck me that I had actually done what was being told for Christians to do.

I have never been good at praying and had never really done it in a serious way. But I was waiting for Deanna to get ready so we could go vote in the last Presidential election.

I was sitting on the front patio and something came across me and I prayed out loud for our country and the need to get God back into this country and that we needed Donald Trump so bad. When I was done, I felt something I had never felt before and it felt so good. For the first time I actually felt my prayer was being heard. It was a feeling I will never forget.

That night was one of the greatest nights I have ever known watching TV. I now understand what I was feeling and it was God getting involved in a Christian nation. It was believed by all those who think they know, that he wasn’t going to win, but they forgot to include God in their polling. That is why they couldn’t explain what was happening.

I know some will think I’m crazy, but I done it and I felt it, and now I know I was just one in a group of multi-millions in this country and in other countries making a very similar prayer. I have thought about that day, and that prayer hundreds of times sense and I love the feeling I get.

Note: God sure has been kicked around a lot, but he is still there looking over us.

Larry Armstrong

West Plains

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