To the editor:

When you go to the cemetery this Memorial weekend and see how well it’s maintained, remember it’s made possible by donations.

Ask yourself when was the last time, if ever, I gave to make this possible? The problem is too many have the attitude that’s the place I’ve left them with no more responsibilities. Sadly there are parents and grandparents buried in our local cemetery with children and grandchildren that have been blessed with much prosperity, yet give nada.

I’m not putting myself on a pedestal for sadly I also didn’t contribute unless asked to, but now every Memorial time is a reminder to give. If you’ll think about it, this is the only avenue we have left to help pay for our raising out of love, respect and appreciation for their past sacrifice.

Our community cemetery would be in dire straits financially without one individual that’s passed nd the generosity of the different land owners that have given space.

May we continue to be good stewards of our cemeteries for New Testament Christianity is central to Jesus Christ and the resurrection of the dead that shall occur at a graveyard near you.

Bernard M. Collins

West Plains

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