To the editor: I have read and heard different peoples’ feelings on abortion. Now it is time to voice my opinion. Abortion is murder. Not only that but abortion is premeditated murder. Come on folks it doesn’t take months to decide that rape or incest had occurred. I would guess you would know it at the time it happened. That being said there is always the “day after pill.” Don’t tell me poor people can’t afford birth control, because I am pretty sure the same organization that provides abortions also supplies birth control. Think about all the ways to prevent pregnancy: #1 abstinence, condoms, birth control pills, and IUDs. These are some of the many ways. Abortion is not the answer to birth control. Look at it this way, if someone I have never met comes to my door and I shoot through the door and kill the person, I am guilty of murder. And if you kill someone that you have never met that is only covered by a thin piece of skin, you are guilty of murder.

Remember unborn babies are people too.

Funding for abortions should be stopped.

I will never apologize for my belief.

John Townsend

Willow Springs

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