To the editor:

Medicaid, funded by state and federal funds, provides health care for one in seven Missourians living in every county in our state.  Medicaid recipients are our neighbors, family and friends who are low income seniors, people with disabilities, children, pregnant women and parents who work but have a very low paying job. 

Health care is a lifeline — especially for all who are struggling to make ends meet.

Representative Trent proposes HB183 which requires Medicaid recipients to work a set number of hours per month or lose the only health care they have.  What happens if a someone is between jobs? Is ill? Cannot find or afford child care or find dependable transportation to and from a job, especially in our rural areas?  Most disturbing, what happens if someone who is either exempt from the requirements or is working and cannot meet the bureaucratic reporting requirements – or the overloaded state department loses their form? What happens is the state takes away their Medicaid ---the only health care they have and that is cruel and inhumane.  

We cannot become a heartless state, so call your Representative and Senator and tell them to oppose HB 183.

Everyone benefits when they have access to health care whether it be Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance.

Maxine and Ken Horgan

Mountain View

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