To the editor: How much are you willing to give not to be called racist, sexist, homophobe or xenophobe? Are you willing to grovel and beg for food and forgiveness for being born white and “privileged?” How about giving your entire paycheck, child’s future and any self-respect you may have? Have you listened to the radical lefts’ ideas of the future? There will be no real middle-class, just the poor and those who are politicians. Are you willing to kiss the feet of the political bullies, without protest, enduring the manipulation of elected officials who are bent on destroying your rights and families, your income and any potential earnings or status your dependents may possess?

When will the sleeping majority awaken to the threat imposed by moral high ground seekers who claim that killing children right up to the moment of birth is justified as a mother’s right? If the claim of incest or rape is the excuse to allow infanticide, why aren’t the men who commit these crimes prosecuted? If the fair punishment for such atrocities is administered, there may be fewer babies sacrificed to the god of lust. It would be interesting to know how many of the planned parenthood abortions are performed on such victimized women or girls. Indeed, if the case is made that a rape or incest has occurred then the victim should be held harmless.

President Trump is no angel, but people in the public are seldom displaying their true selves. He has defended our military, encouraged job creation and added to world-wide respect in the face of constant haranguing negativity. Anyone who can stand up to that kind of abuse must love our country more than self. Our Republican elected officials have a daunting job, facing the relentless challenge of making reasonable laws in a hostile environment. The press gets to limit our exposure to the truth. The internet sources censure positive news about our country and president. When the candidates expound their plans, listen carefully to their ideas of how to bankrupt the middle class. All their talk of free stuff is for someone else, not you. You get to foot the bill by mortgaging your family to the slavery envisioned for us non-experts. You don’t get to think for yourself.

Please let your mind work in the way it was meant to. Carefully consider who deserves your votes and why. Disgusting and false names do not make good people who do their work, pay their taxes and love their families the villains we “deplorables” are portrayed to be. If you are a democrat, it’s not too late to walk away from the brainwashing committed in the liberal basin and what that has come to stand for.

No apologies,

Rosemary Mawhorter

Peace Valley

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