To the editor:

To the Public and any other person willing to listen: It has been said, and I believe it that “all it takes for evil to prevail is the silence of good people.” There is so much evil swirling around us in politics and in our culture, I must speak up or know that I stayed silent when I should not have. President Trump faces tremendous challenges every day from the press and from congressional members who are bitter at loosing the 2016 election. Get over it and do your jobs making America a priority. Invasion at our border should be stopped by the least violent means available.

The crazier the ideas that just roll off a politician’s head, it seems there will be a following however blatantly unthinking that group is. Any logical follow through is hindered at the onset by name calling, and trying to abase anyone who has sense enough to challenge the career politicians or those newly elected vying for the spotlight. Maxine Waters keeps her seat in Congress even after calling for and encouraging harassment of elected officials and their supporters. Send in the impeachment team to investigate her dealings.

The health care mess was instigated and allowed by the liberals with Obama in charge. Nancy Pelosi didn’t even take time to read it. Is it the saving of our health system, or just another mistake that costs us billions? Funny how Congress exempted themselves from participating in the same health care plan that we voters were forced to accept or be penalized for not carrying it. Some cry foul and blame our president who told us what would happen if the legislation were not repealed or at least amended. That didn’t happen and here we are with more out of pocket costs.

How has the massive amount of money deposited in the social security program through the years dwindled down to barely keeping up with obligations? Where there’s money, you’ll find vultures willing to take it by giving away handouts to anyone who will accept cash for one or more votes. If you know how and are on the right congressional committees, you can become quite wealthy. Will the same legislators who want to tax the “wealthy” exempt themselves as they did with the Obama care fiasco?

Will it stop when everyone who is not in the liberal pocket of Congress has reached poverty level? Is that the right way to ensure equality? Wake up Americans and know that your rewards for work and sacrifice do not belong to or should be given to followers of the insanity brigade.

I am thankful for Jason Smith, who holds local values of conservative Missourians. To be punched by words every day must be daunting. Thank him for being a conservative warrior. Josh Hawley is yet to be proven in the Senate, but I hold him in high regard just for having the guts to get into politics when there is so much negativity. 

Thank you for your time and positive thoughts, Prayers for everyone involved in this mess are appreciated,

Rosemary Mawhorter

West Plains

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