To the Editor:

Kudos to Frank Martin for his letter exposing the arrogance of the Missouri House of Representatives. Their attempt to gut the Sunshine Law that was reinforced by Missouri voters in the Clean Missouri Act in November demonstrates a new low in their historically pathetic behavior. This week the bill goes to the Senate for debate. We shall see if they also disregard the will of the people.

In addition, Senator Burlison from the Springfield area wants to negate the voters decision in rejecting the right to work law. He claims he has a moral responsibility to overthrow the result. Apparently it is immoral for working people to collectively bargain for decent wages and benefits.

These legislative actions reflect Republican efforts nationally to thwart the will of the voters. In Wisconsin the legislature tried to curtail the powers of the incoming Democratic governor. The same happened in North Carolina. In Michigan they tried to hamstring the incoming governor and attorney general. What became of respecting the will of the voters?

Here is a suggestion. Begin the process of an initiated petition in Missouri for an Amendment that prohibits the legislature from eliminating, ignoring or changing any referendum or initiated petition approved by the voters. Maybe that would insure appropriate behavior on their part.

Loren Robinson

Willow Springs

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