A historical caution against cults of personality

To the editor:

Apparently, the rule of law in America is dead. May it rest in peace. What happened to it? It was subverted and discarded by our orange President and his henchmen. More on that in a bit.

Some people compare Trump to Hitler. I reject that comparison. Trump is not nearly as intelligent or competent as Hitler was, so equating the two isn't possible. No, Trump is much more akin to Mussolini, Il Duce. Mussolini gave speeches to large groups of glassy eyed adoring fans who were more attuned to slogans than data. Trump has adopted the same shtick. The Duce was all blow and very little substance. Trump is arguably the same. Mussolini even appointed his son-in-law to an important government position. Does this sound familiar? In addition, Mussolini frequently had to deflect criticism of his extramarital affairs. Another striking similarity. So, I have found myself referring to Trump as the Duce more and more as time goes on.

Roger Stone, a Trump crony, was recently convicted of several charges stemming from the Russia investigation. The team of four front line prosecutors from the Department of Justice recommended seven to nine years in prison. The Attorney General stepped in and said that was egregious, the prosecutors were wrong.

So we no longer have justice administered by the legal system, but by the political whim of Trump and Barr. The Senate has already been cowed into submission so there is nothing to stop the further collapse of our checks and balances system. As Italy and Germany discovered, allowing a cult of personality to short circuit a system of government rarely ends well.

Loren Robinson

Willow Springs, MO

To the editor:

My name is Lora and I recently was admitted to OMC for chest pains and low heart rate.

I want to thank OMC for the excellent care. The ER doctor, who I believe was Dr. Horstman, knew by the heart monitors something was wrong. The hospital had no rooms available for admitting, but as soon as one became available, I was admitted.

All of the staff and doctors in the ER were amazing. Special thanks to Dr. Horstman and Dr. Linda. Both were very professional and informative.

I was admitted to cardiac stepdown and I can’t stress enough how excellent the care was from all of the nurses and health care team on the cardiac floor.

A special thank you to nurse Lori who was so kind and very caring. She definitely loves to care for the sick.

To Dr. Khan, who didn’t hesitate to talk to me about the need for a pacemaker; Dr. McGee, who did my pacemaker; Dr. Crowe, who also spoke to me concerning a pacemaker; and Dr. Linda, who was so compassionate and professional, thank you.

The surgery team with Dr. McGee, from the anesthesiologist to the nurses, I thank all the precious nurses who I asked to pray for me, the awesome nurses in training and instructor, and Dr. Mahmood: I can’t thank you enough for helping me to get better. I don’t think I would have made it much longer without the pacemakers.

I want you to know that I can breathe withouth being out of breath, I can shop at the grocery store without having to sit down every 10 feet I walk. I feel like a new person and it wouldn’t have happened without you all.

I highly recommend OMC to all my family and friends. I have switched all of my medical care to OMC doctors.

I would also like to thank nurse Anna from Riverways and all the staff from OMC Physical Therapy. The home health care that OMC has available is outstanding.

Last, but not least, I thank my pastor Judy Talbert of Victory Tabernacle Ministries in Mtn. Grove. As soon as she got the text abut me being in the hospital, she and our church members near and far began to pray. With my church body, doctors and nurses praying, I believe God moved on my behalf.

Thank you so much. Hugs and love to you all.

Lora Hurst,


Reader finds her voice

To the editor:

I am weary, so fearful, so sad, so angry, but I did not speak up. My voice is small.

I believe our only hope is to support our law abiding public servants who stood up to those who put themselves above the law. Trump is above the law.

We no longer have three branches of government — executive, judicial and legislative. Trump, Barr, McConnell (with help of those who are afraid) have pretty well combined the executive and judicial. Now we have almost no balance of power.

It is up to Congress to stand up for us. That was what the impeachment was to do. The House of Representative impeached the man “who would be king”. They sent the charges to the Senate. Not one of his team said he “didn’t do it” only that that they could not stand up to “the man who would be king”. One person, Mitt Romney, did vote the only “guilty” from Republicans. I can not imagine how difficult that was for him. I’ll be watching to what his “punishment” will be.

I am very discouraged but will not give up my hope. History tells me God will not intervene for us. My faith tells me he will give us courage and strength if we choose to stand up to evil.

The truth will come out, but there is risk. I have to face the fact. I am concerned that to speak up I may embarrass some people I love — family and friends. I hope that will not happen.

I will speak up.

I will speak up.

I have courage because I belong to a larger group called “We the People”.

I hope there are others who have felt too small to speak. I hope you will hear my small voice. I hope you will find your voice.

Mary Jo McManus

West Plains

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