To the editor: Up until now, I have believed that the best way to defeat Donald Trump in 2020 has been to focus on advocating for the federal government to do more to help the lower and middle classes with their economic and financial struggles to survive and to pay their bills.

So, I have largely ignored his hateful, dumb, stupid and ignorant remarks in which he demeans, degrades, insults, bullies and disrespects all minority groups, women, and immigrants. I have done this partly because I have believed from day one that this has all been a big act, that he is a master manipulator and conman who really doesn’t believe the ridiculous, idiotic, and moronic things that he says, and that he cleverly figured out that he could win the Presidency by pretending that he believes in what he thinks that 51% of the American people believe in — hate. 

But his hate-talk has now become too dangerous. He is playing with fire. This big act and game has to stop.

I call on all of the good-hearted conservative-Republicans in the USA who have a conscience to join Nikki Haley and to call out Trump and for all of the Republicans in Congress who have been silent about this evilness to also call out Trump on this hate-talk.

The people who he has insulted and disrespected don’t deserve to hear any more of his brutality. He might have already damaged our country beyond repair.


Stewart B. Epstein

Rochester, N.Y.

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