To the editor: We Americans must now put aside all the matters on which we are divided. There is one threat to our nation on which we must not be divided: our election process is in the sights of Russian agencies again. We are again (really, still) under cyberattack.

There is broad agreement that this is so, and broad agreement that Russians were successful in mounting a serious assault on our election process in 2016 even if it didn't affect the outcome of the election. Even so, some members of Congress resist spending resources sufficient to meet the threat. Their reasons for doing so are unfathomable. But not opposing the Russian attack on our system of government, our democratic institutions, even our way of life--for any reason--is treasonous.

We are divided on serious issues. Positions on health insurance, abortion, immigration, citizenship, lifestyle, the economy, the president, foreign policy, and all manner of other factors of American life divide us, some bitterly. They will matter little if we do not have the freedom to differ. The freedom to differ is as fundamental a right as the freedom to agree. We must maintain all our freedoms. On the question of safeguarding our freedom and protecting our way of life from Russian influence surely there is agreement. Not to agree is not mere folly; it is unthinkable.

This is not the time to look for hidden agendas and political conspiracies, to be preoccupied with the machinations of party politics. It is time to harden our hearts and use our heads, time to ask if there is any reason not to answer calls for vigilance and preparation. We cannot afford to watch and wait. We must act now. The Russians are hard at work.

The saying that all that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing is a familiar cliche. The thing about some cliches is that no matter how familiar they are, how seemingly trite, some of them are true. This is one.

We have to be among the good men who do something. We must insist our leaders be among the good who do, and those who represent us, and those on whom we rely to keep us safe.

Open your eyes and ears. See the danger on the horizon. Hear the warning sirens.

Frank L. Martin

Peace Valley

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