To the editor:

Some universities are propagandists in reasons to hate capitalism telling white students to feel guilty. White, not-guilty students, remind your professor, American capitalism has created more minority billionaires and millionaires with a larger middle class than any place on earth.

May every American be thankful for organizations such as Shriners and St. Jude’s that treat children of all races gratis, thanks to capitalist privilege. Who’s usually there first when disaster strikes any part of the globe? Who sends mercy ships with surgeons working gratis to repair birth defects and other needs of third worlds?

It’s funded by capitalist privilege, professor, and I don’t see your beloved socio-commies giving or getting there at all. Tell young minds the truth about red Communism and how Josef Stalin mass-murdered 20 million people including the Ukrainians.

He sent cavalries into Ukraine to destroy livestock, poultry, soared foods and burned their winter clothing and bedding, putting troops at all exits out leaving them to slowly starve and die of exposure to the bitter cold. Why? They dared to want independence.

Stalin once boasted, “For every 1,000 deaths you hear about, there are 10,000 others you don’t.” No, heartless Joe, your 1930s holocaust never got much play.

Professor, was it not a Nationalist Socialist called Hitler and a United Soviet Socialist called Stalin that allied against Poland during WWII?

Former Soviet leader Boris Yeltsin admitted they kept American POWs held in eastern Germany. The camp my uncle was at, the Germans as they were pulling out, unlocked the gates telling them to start west because the Russians might hold them to bargain with or never release them.

A physician who later practiced in West Plains was also there.

Then there’s Mao Tse Tung’s mass martyrdom that God only knows the number of millions, along with Vietnam’s communism after the fall of Saigon and later Pol Pot’s killing fields of Cambodia.

Again, professor, tell Millennials the truth and warn them that red Communism left its bloody fingerprints on more pages of 20th century history than any other government of humankind.

Bernard Collins,

West Plains

Questioning the benefits of Trump’s tax cuts

To the editor:

A recent letter praised the Trump tax cuts. But why?

Per the census bureau, average Howell county income is $36,000 per year, much lower than the $61,000 per year U.S. average. According to the website Investopedia, the average U.S. family saved $900 per year due to Trump’s tax cut. With less income, our Howell County family only saved $700 per year. But corporations and wealthy Americans saved much, much more.

In fact, the annual federal budget deficit went from $587 trillion under Obama to $1092 trillion under Trump, thanks to the big tax cuts for the wealthy and the fact that Trump and the Republicans increased federal spending while tax dollars decreased.

If you divide the higher yearly deficit of $505 trillion by the 300 million Americans, this increased deficit amounts to $1,683 for every person in the U.S. So our average Howell county family of four saved $700 in taxes each year. But the share of the higher yearly deficit is $6,732 for the family.

Here is an analogy. Pretend our Howell County family owns a home, has a mortgage payment of $600 per month, and owes $80,000 on their house. Suppose the bank comes to the family and says, we have a deal for you. We are going to cut your monthly payment to $300.

The family is overjoyed and quickly uses that extra $300 per month on a newer car and an ATV for the kids. But what the bank didn’t explain was the family’s payment was still $600 per month, but the family was paying $300 and the other $300 was being added to their mortgage balance. So at the end of the year, the family is driving a better car but now owes $83,600 on their house.

This would be bad for the family, but the effect of the Trump budget deficit will be much worse long-term.

The Howell County family took their $700 tax savings and went on a small vacation. They don’t realize that at the end of the year, their share of the national debt was $6,732 higher. Sooner or later that debt has to be paid by higher taxes or reducing spending on things like Social Security and Medicaid.

Adding insult, JP Morgan forecasts that the Trump trade tariffs cost the average American family $1,000 per year in higher prices at the store, wiping out the tax savings for most families.

Earl Fuller,

Willow Springs

Catholic Democrats should search conscience regarding abortion

To the editor:

Question: Can you be a Catholic who receives communion or a member of other churches that have communion and be a Democrat?

Recently a bishop refused communion for former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat, who professes to be a good Catholic. Will Democrat Catholic Nancy Pelosi be next? Is this the shot heard around the world? If you are Democrat and Catholic will you soon be next?

Since Roe V. Wade 1973, 60 million babies made by God have lost their lives and voices through abortion approved/supported by the Democrat party. Not approved or supported by God or the Catholic Church.

President Trump is the only president who will address the pro-life rally this year in Washington D.C. A truly pro-life president.

Search your conscience and be honest: Do you support this evil act of killing 60 million innocent babies? Are you part of the problem? Is it time to change? Currently the world is in a terrible mess with a lot of other evil problems.

God's word says in 2 Chronicles 7:14, "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

Our land needs healing. It is time to turn from evil? Will you help? Your call.

A concerned sovereign,

Raymond L. Fine

West Plains

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