To the editor:

I write in response to the inauguration of our new President.

We have been through a dark and difficult year and repercussions will continue for some time. We must move forward. No one person is going to solve our problems. Neither party is perfect or even always good. It isn't the leaders that do the work. It is the citizens.

The government regulates how, gathers and disperses resources, and gives and denies permissions. The government is Democrat and Republican, independent, and scattered with minor parties, always.

There have been 13 presidencies in my lifetime. Some I liked and some I didn't. None of them determined my happiness or well-being. I invite you to look for reasons to be hopeful, and things you can do to make things go better for your neighbors because America lives or dies in neighborliness. Our days will have whatever light we let in.

Listen to the inaugural poet, Amanda Gorman: “The new dawn blooms as we free it/For there is always light,/if only we're brave enough to see it/If only we're brave enough to be it.”

It is time to quit waiting for a president to solve our problems. It isn't going to happen. When we discover a need and act to meet it, we make America great.

It is up to us.

Elizabeth Hykes

Willow Springs

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