To the editor: At times we long for days past and the people we love and miss in a much different America when common sense and logic was the norm of the times. Though the hands of time can never turn back, except only in memories we’ve captured as they passed us by.

Seniors remember in school when we could pray if we chose to and sing “America the Beautiful” with pride in our hearts to be Americans. You could sing “Silent Night” at a certain time each year, when Christmas was still called Christmas, Rudolph wasn’t sexist and the white in “White Christmas” was snow and not racist.

We didn’t need a decree from the highest or a toilet czar to tell us, for the boys naturally knew when nature called, sometimes hurriedly, which toilet to use, and antidepressants? What’s that?

President Washington’s picture hung on the wall, he was called the father of our country and we still celebrated this one man’s birthday, also. Before you say we have President’s Day, please don’t insult the great general that kept his men in the fight, and at times they were ill-fed, clothed and almost barefoot, leaving trails of blood in the snow.

Yet they pressed along and onward to victory and our independence.

We could be imaginary cowboys on the playground, point a finger, yell, “Bang! You’re dead,” and not be expelled and school shootings were unheard of. We were taught at home to respect authority and if word of a paddling got back home, you might get warmed over seconds.

Now that progressives have kicked God and common sense out of school, let us see where we’ve progressed to. Lockdowns and safety issues with family values as such that respect for authority is not taught at home and brought to school as teachers are intimidated, threatened, and in some big city schools, viciously attacked.

Girls are fearful of using restrooms during class and some schools have escorts. Weaker male students are bullied sometimes into paying extortion money, but the most fearful thing of all is a student on illegal or prescribed mind altering drugs or picked on too much, turning their school into a slaughterhouse.

Though change is inevitable, who said it was always for the best?

Bernard M. Collins

West Plains

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