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The West Plains Daily Quill encourages readers to express their views. Viewpoints expressed in letters to the editor are those of the writer and not the viewpoints of The West Plains Daily Quill. Letters are limited to 400 words, about one page typed or two pages hand written. Longer letters will be condensed. Frequent writers should limit submissions to one letter per month. The West Plains Daily Quill reserves the right to accept or reject letters based on content and reserves the right to edit letters for space and clarity in order to conform to good taste, readability, the laws of libel and space considerations. Writers may address local political issues but specific candidate endorsements will not be published as a letter. Political letters will stop when early voting begins.. All letters must include a single name of one author, complete address and phone number for verification purposes (address and phone number will not be published). Personal attacks on private citizens or businesses will not be published. Unsigned letter, multiple signature letters and third-party letters or letters requesting that the writer’s name be withheld will not be published. Submitted letters will not to returned.

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