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Alderman Anderson resigns from Mtn. View City Council


Another seat has opened up on the Mtn. View City Council with the resignation of East Ward Alderman Murray Anderson, just one month after the other alderman for the East Ward, Steven Sills, stepped down, citing personal reasons.

Sills’ seat was filled by Bud Vines, appointed by Mayor John Krasuski on Nov. 28, and Anderson announced his intention to resign at the close of the city council’s December meeting, held Dec. 12. A vote of his fellow council members unanimously approved Anderson’s departure from the council.

Several citizens had addressed a remark made by Anderson at the Nov. 14 meeting during which Sills stepped down, in which Anderson commented had also thinking about leaving the council that evening, but would stay to keep a quorum. In the meetings since citizens, including former councilwoman Laura Wagner and frequent commenter Rick Thornton questioned Anderson’s ability to represent the best interests of the city if he did not want to remain in the council seat.

Anderson’s term expires in April. Anyone interested in filling the vacancy on the council is invited to inquire within the Mtn. View City Hall, 120 N. Oak St.

At the top of the meeting, Krasuski requested an amendment to the posted agenda, to allow Thornton to address the council for behavior he exhibited during the Nov. 28 special session, which resulted in him being asked to leave. The amendment was accepted without opposition, and Thornton spoke during the portion of the meeting allotted for new business, apologizing for his interruption, but not for what he said, unofficial minutes show.

“He stated that he meant every word, the council is there to serve the public and he is ashamed of all of them,” recorded City Clerk Sara Chowning, who keeps the minutes of each meeting. “He continued with asking Alderman Anderson to follow through with his statement that he was going to resign and [said] that he lacked professionalism.” Thornton also criticized the council as a whole, commenting with his belief that council members do not “allow or like” citizens to express comments or concerns.

Also under new business Assistant Police Chief Stetson Schwien presented the council with information regarding a Violent Crime Prevention Grant for abour $24,000 that was awarded to the police department in the form of a 100% reimbursement grant. The grant would allow for the purchase of three new laptops, docks for both the police cruisers and their desks. Council members voted all in favor of Schwien’s request to spend the money as described.

Chowning asked the council to consider allowing the employees to have off both Fridays prior to Christmas and New Year’s Day to give staff two four-day weekends for the holidays. Her request was also approved unanimously.

Council discussed the upcoming 2024 budget and opted to call a special meeting before the end of the year to finalize it.

A citizen who had been listed on the agenda prior to the meeting to discuss financial issues within the city did not attend.

Under old business, a resolution was passed to authorize Krasuski to enter into an agreement with the Mtn. View Family Youth Center for community services.

In his Mayor’s Minutes, Krasuski closed the business portion of the meeting by thanking those who attended the town hall prior to the meeting, and to everyone who stayed for the meeting. He also thanked Chowning and City Operations Manager Eddie Owens for their hard work over the last month completing projects, including working on the city budget.

He shared comments from the town hall about the golf course, the steps in front of the post office, Washington Street potholes and the clock at the college.

Thornton at that time asked if there is any money for the streets to be repaired in the upcoming budget, to which Krasuski responded affirmatively and reminded him that the time for those questions is during the town hall meetings.

Prior to adjourning, the council moved into closed session to discuss personnel matters. Upon returning to open session, Anderson voiced his intention to resign.

In addition to Anderson and Krasuski, Alderman Vines and Alderwoman Brenda Coulter were present. Alderman Lindell Vandevort was absent.

In addition to Thornton, citizen guests present included Calvin Perry, Robin McCollough, Lucinda Burton, Ricky Baker, Clifford Burdick, Ron Graeff, Vicki Carr, Terry Carr, Shawn Wallace, Judi Colter, Bruce Isham, Rick Thornton, Charry McCann, Devan Daniels, Will Pierce, Billy Altermatt, Ernie Renegar, Tom Poindexter and Wagner.

City Personnel Present, in addition to Schwien, Chowning and Owens, were police Officer Kaleb Berkshire and Chief Jamie Perkins, and videographer Andrew Abbey videographer.