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Community First Banking Co. announces new, improved app


Community First Banking Company, a West Plains-based financial institution that has long served the heart of the Ozarks with dedication and innovation, is set to launch a new and significantly improved mobile banking application on Aug. 16, providing customers with a richer, user-friendly experience.

This new banking app is poised to redefine the way customers interact with their bank, blending practicality with innovation in an era of increasing demand for digital banking services.

"Community First Banking Company has always strived to be at the forefront of banking technology while maintaining our hometown commitment to our customers," said bank President Mark Sloan. "This new app is a testament to that vision, making banking more accessible, personalized, and convenient for our users."

The new app is designed to present a refreshed look, a clean, intuitive interface and a suite of customizable features, all designed to streamline the banking process for its users. From checking balances and viewing transaction histories to transferring funds and making payments, the upgraded features are intended to make every interaction seamless and secure, say officials.

One of the app’s key improvements is its focus on customization. The dashboard's new layout allows users to personalize their banking experience. From rearranging widgets to displaying preferred accounts or frequently used features, customers can now tailor the interface to match their unique banking needs and habits.

The new app will also include a cutting-edge bill pay feature, which will allow users to pay bills directly through the app, either as one-time payments or recurring transactions. An accompanying eBills function enables users to receive and view their bills right within the app, reducing clutter and providing an all-in-one solution for managing bills.

For those who want to take their digital banking a step further, the Community First Banking Company app will offer mobile check deposit, a feature that allows customers to deposit checks using their smartphone's camera. This practical tool eliminates the need to visit a physical branch or ATM for check deposits, redefining the concept of banking on the go.

Security, a vital aspect of digital banking, has also been substantially upgraded in the new app. In addition to the standard password protection, users can enable biometric authentication such as fingerprint or face recognition for added security. The app also incorporates advanced encryption technologies to ensure all transactions and personal data are securely handled.

A 'Help and Support' section is a new addition to the app, providing users with instant access to FAQs, troubleshooting guides and a messaging feature to contact customer support directly. This ensures that help is readily available at users' fingertips, reflecting Community First Banking Company's commitment to exceptional customer service.

Recognizing the needs of an increasingly tech-savvy population, Community First Banking Company has partnered with leading fintech (financial technology) companies to create the state-of-the-art app. By combining cutting-edge technology with a comprehensive understanding of its customers' needs, the banking company aims to provide a more efficient, personalized banking experience.

"Technology has always been a significant driver in the banking industry, but the pandemic has accelerated that trend," said Sloan. "Our goal with this new app is to meet our customers where they are — on their phones and tablets — and to provide them with the tools they need to manage their finances effectively."

The company's new app, with its customer-first approach and cutting-edge features, is set to become a game-changer in the local banking scene. It's not just about providing a service; it's about fostering a more connected and convenient banking community, one tap at a time.

The new app will be available for download on iOS and Android devices starting Aug. 16. Current users of the existing Community First Banking Company app will be able to update to the new version directly from their device's app store.

For more information about the new app and its features, customers can visit Community First Banking Company's website at cfbankco.com or contact their local branch. Whether they're new to mobile banking or seasoned pros, customers of Community First are sure to find this app a handy, user-friendly tool for all their banking needs.