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Cynthia Lee


How long have you been a part of the Howell County community? To what extent have you been a part of local government in Howell County? I am a fourth-generation Eades family resident. My husband Troy Lee and his family have been residents since 1975. Most of our families attended Glenwood Elementary and West Plains High School.

I have 22 years of contact through my position with the Howell County Circuit Court and more closely during the last five years as Chief Financial Deputy Clerk with the Howell County Circuit Clerk’s Office. I have assisted with budget preparation and attendance at county commission meetings.

Why are you running for circuit clerk? For the past five years, I have worked closely with the previous circuit clerk. I have trained in all financial aspects of the business office of the courts, as well as served as a civil supervisor over four deputy clerks. Having the knowledge and experience is crucial for the office to maintain its high level of public service. It seemed natural and appropriate for me to run for the office of circuit clerk, as I have the most seniority in years of service.

Why are you the best candidate in this race? I was the only candidate on the primary election ballot, and the only applicant to the Missouri governor for appointment to finish the previous circuit clerk’s term upon her retirement. My mastered skills and qualifications to fulfill the role include the following: 33 years of combined work experience in customer service and accounting positions; 22 years dedicated as a court clerk; hands-on knowledge and experience in all court divisions including civil, family court, probate, criminal, traffic and jury selection/management; and complete case processing from initial filing to final disposition. I believe I possess the following strengths: public service, work ethic, financial account management, office management, court procedures, quality record control, dispute resolution, schedule and calendar management, and local information technology maintenance/support.

What is one challenge facing Howell County Circuit Courts, and how would you address it? The challenge in today’s society is providing easy access for the general public to the courts. Patrons who have been accustomed to walking into the courthouse and accessing any office without going through security are now met by security staff and screened before gaining access to interior offices.

I believe the solution is to educate the public about the convenience of the online services provided by the Office of State Courts Administrator in Jefferson City, including Case.Net, Manage My Case, Plead and Pay, Track this Case and Juror Portal.

My personal experience is coordinating and hands-on installation of video conferencing equipment and set-up in every courtroom during the 2020 shutdown. The court continues to use this application to avoid costly in-person appearances by prisoners or judges’ travel to other counties in our circuit.

If you had the budget, what is the problem you would like to solve in the circuit clerk’s office? Additional staff to more efficiently provide public service and alleviate employee stress.

What goals do you have for the clerk’s office? Cross-training in all divisions to help with workflow. Utilizing technology in order to streamline work processes.

How would you work with other elected officials or governing bodies to accomplish the goals you have for the clerk’s office? By working closely with county commissioners and a budget to keep our equipment and technology up-to-date and make all courtrooms and offices compliant with local security and Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

What have been the most effective methods for improving court procedures? What other methods would you suggest to improve efficiency or make the courts less intimidating to the public? Open communication between all judicial staff, working as a team.

Knowledge-based training of staff should include every opportunity to attend court-related meetings and conferences. Court staff training in public service.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in your career? Through my friendly and positive attitude, work ethic, motivation and ability to learn as much as possible, I have earned respect from my peers and the community.

In your personal life? Being a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

What do you believe is the most important quality, talent or experience you will bring to the job if elected circuit clerk? I believe that I offer the citizens of Howell County skills, motivation, a positive attitude, knowledge, respect and fairness.


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