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Delinquent land tax sale not to publish in Quill this year


In a significant change of tradition, the West Plains Daily Quill, will not publish the informational legal notice regarding the annual Howell County Delinquent Land Tax Sale this year.

The decision was not the Quill's, but rather that of Howell County Collector’s Office.

The Delinquent Land Tax Sale is a yearly event held on the fourth Monday of August. It addresses the sale of any real estate parcel subject for which taxes are considered overdue in Howell County. The publishing of the legal notice concerning this event has historically been the responsibility of the Quill, aiming to inform the public and potential bidders about the upcoming sale and its pertinent details.

However, this year, the legal notice will instead be published in the Howell County News, a weekly publication based in Willow Springs.

While the West Plains Daily Quill has expressed disappointment over the decision, the newspaper assures its readers that it remains committed to providing transparent, accurate and timely information on all significant local events and proceedings. It has also pledged to keep its readers informed on any further developments concerning the Delinquent Land Tax Sale.

As of now, those interested in the Delinquent Land Tax Sale are advised to refer to the Howell County News for the legal notice.