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From the Publisher’s Desk


Dear readers,

Picture this: I'm weaving through the aisles of Walmart, a shopping list scribbled hurriedly in one hand, and possibly fighting the temptation to add just one more bag of chips to my cart. Suddenly, a familiar face — one that I’ve never actually met — approaches me with a twinkle in their eye, ready to chat about the latest piece in our beloved Gazette. These surprise supermarket symposiums never cease to amaze me.

Firstly, it's not every day that one expects to receive feedback about their journalistic endeavors next to the frozen peas. Yet here I am, frequently and fondly interrupted by you, our ever-vigilant readers, ready with a compliment, a critique, or just a chat about the recent "Metal to Rust" article or a particularly riveting ballgame rundown. And for that, I am endlessly grateful.

To those who have picked up the phone, tapped out an email, or braved the odds of spotting me at Walmart, thank you for taking the time to express your sentiments. Your words, both warm and critical, breathe life into our pages and drive us to refine our craft every single day.

Now, I won't shy away from the truth: Not all of you were thrilled with our revamp. Shifting sands often unsettle, and I completely understand. Every morning as I step into my role, I am reminded of the sacred responsibility we hold — to provide a paper that resonates with our community. While my business card may proudly proclaim 'Publisher,’ at the very core, the rhythm of my heart syncs to the keystrokes of a writer. Every word I pen is a fragment of my soul, which makes the praise all the more overwhelming and, dare I say, occasionally more than I feel I deserve.

Yet, it's comments like, "Your car stories make me look at my old Ford in a whole new light!" or "You’ve turned this sports-averse reader into a ballgame buff!" that genuinely touch the deepest recesses of my heart. For isn't that the beauty of writing? To bridge realms, to conjure passion where there was indifference, and to connect over shared stories and experiences.

In the hustle and bustle of deadlines and editing, it's easy to forget the impact our words can have. Yet, every email, call, or Walmart wink is a gentle reminder that you, our cherished readers, are at the other end, reading, reflecting, and occasionally even reveling in what we produce.

So, from the overflowing depths of my heart: Thank you. We at the West Plains Gazette are a tapestry of ever-evolving narratives, and your feedback, encouragement, and yes, even critiques, are the threads that enrich our fabric. We are a work in progress, always striving, always reaching for excellence. With you by our side, the journey is all the more meaningful.

Warm regards,
Chris Herbolsheimer
West Plains Daily Quill and West Plains Gazette