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MSU announces area scholarship awardees


Missouri State University recently awarded scholarships to incoming students for the 2023-24 academic year.   

These students were selected from those who applied based on their ACT scores, GPA, standing in graduating class and leadership shown in community and school activities.  


Douglas County

Ava: Jeremiah Blakely, Academic Excellence Year 1; Lauren Brooks, Board of Governors Scholarship; Timothy Buffum, Dean’s Scholarship; Erin Clouse, Provost Scholarship; Elizabeth Corder, Provost Scholarship; Rose Corder, Inclusive Excellence Scholarship; Bethany Menke, Academic Achievement Year 1 and Hugchens/Student Government Association Centennial Leaders; Ivy Nelson, Provost Scholarship; Natalie Parker, Dean’s Scholarship; Emma Perricone, Missouri State Promise Scholarship; Jhonn Myle Rhodes, Provost Scholarship; Madalyn Russell, Academic Distinction Year 1; Elizabeth Schroeder, Provost Scholarship; and Harley Yocum, Missouri State Promise Scholarship.

Dora: Callen DePriest, Academic Distinction Year 1, and Shauna Lake, Inclusive Excellence Scholarship.

Norwood: Mick Drecker, Board of Governors Scholarship.

Howell County

Caulfield: Lucas Conyers, Dean’s Scholarship.

Mtn. View: Adison Burks, Missouri State Promise Scholarship; Kenzie Daniels, Provost Scholarship; Lucas Frazier, Dean’s Scholarship; Chloe Kelts, Academic Excellence Year 1; Sydnee LaFevers, Academic Distinction year 1; and Abigail Orchard, Academic Excellence Year 1.

Pottersville: Garrett Mahan, Dean’s Scholarship, and Mandalyn Roberts, Missouri State Promise Scholarship.

West Plains: Hadley Anselm, Board of Governors Scholarship; Dominique Bridges, Dean’s Scholarship; Morgan Brill, Board of Governors Scholarship; Tesla Buxbaum, Academic Distinction Year 1; Autumn Collins, Academic Excellence Year 1; Bailey Cox, Academic Excellence Year 1; Taylor Hall, Academic Excellence Year 1; Magen Hendrix, Dean’s Scholarship; Lucy Hershenson, Board of Governors Scholarship; Anna Hood Academic Distinction Year 1; Silvia Jeter, Dean’s Scholarship; Landen Johnson, Provost Scholarship; Isaac Kammerer, Provost Scholarship; Julia Moore, Board of Governor’s Scholarship; Haley Parker, Dean’s Scholarship; Madisyn Perkins, Academic Achievement Year 1; Emma Peugh, Provost Scholarship; Jordyn Sigman, Board of Governors Scholarship; Isaac Smith, Academic Excellence Year 1; and Samantha Stiner, Academic Distinction Year 1.

Willow Springs: Ryan Koehler, Missouri State Promise Scholarship; Rogan Traver, Board of Governors Scholarship; Stacie Johnson, Missouri State Promise Scholarship; and Holly Wehmer, Provost Scholarship.

Oregon County

Alton: Draven Graves, Missouri State Promise Scholarship, and Dylan Joyce, Missouri State Promise Scholarship.

Koshkonong: Mattie McKee, Academic Achievement Year 1.

Thayer: David Cates, Missouri State Promise Scholarship; Tymber Holman, Dean’s Scholarship; Brenna Pace, Missouri State Promise Scholarship; Michael Patterson, Provost Scholarship; Madalynn Smith, Missouri State Promise Scholarship; Samantha Stockle, Academic Excellence Year 1; and Chasity Wodinowich, Academic Distinction Year 1.

Ozark County

Bakersfield: Jasmin Hall, Provost Scholarship and Gretchen Zastro, Missouri State Promise Scholarship.

Dora: Kenley Howard, Dean’s Scholarship; Lauren Martin, Provost Scholarship; and Michael Mills, Dean’s Scholarship.

Gainesville: Derek Alms, Board of Governors Scholarship; Camden Evans, Dean’s Scholarship; and Grayden Rowbotham, Dean’s Scholarship.

Theodosia: Emily Linenbrink, Provost Scholarship, and Madison Reardon, out-of-state fee waiver.

Thornfield: Robin Schofield, Dean’s Scholarship.

Shannon County

Winona: Kailyn Burton, Dean’s Scholarship; Benjamin Spock, Dean’s Scholarship; Macey Moore, Academic Excellence Year 1; Taylor Osborne, Dean’s Scholarship; and Kylie Stayton, Academic Achievement Year 1.

Texas County

Bucyrus: Olivia Crites, Academic Distinction Year 1.

Cabool: Trevin Brill, Dean’s Scholarship; Matty Cannon, Academic Achievement Year 1; Maddie Gayer, Academic Distinction Year 1; Remington Supancic, Provost Scholarship; Athena Waller, Provost Scholarship; and Kayla Wilson, Academic Achievement Year 1.

Houston: Isabella Bourgoin, Missouri State Promise Scholarship; Mackenzie Bryan, Academic Distinction Year 1; Karly Drake, Academic Distinction Year 1; Katelyn Edwards, Inclusive Excellence Scholarship; Emily Honeycutt, Dean’s Scholarship; Hanna Huffman, Provost Scholarship; Casey Merckling, Board of Governors Scholarship; and Aliya Walker, Missouri State Promise Scholarship.

Licking: Alexander Buckner, Provost Scholarship; Kaida Cook, Missouri State Promise Scholarship; David Culp, Academic Distinction Year 1; Macayla Hackman, Provost Scholarship; Kyson Quick, Provost Scholarship; Maci Sparks, Academic Distinction Year 1; Abigail Sullins, Missouri State Promise Scholarship; and Rylee Sundell, Academic Excellence Year 1.

Summersville: Gabriel Bradshaw, Provost Scholarship; Jaiden Briggs, Academic Achievement Year 1; Emma German, Provost Scholarship; Alyssa Peifer, Provost Scholarship; and Lacey Wuertley, Provost Scholarship.

Wright County

Mtn. Grove: Maddison Allen, Academic Excellence Year 1; Emmanoel Alsup, Provost Scholarship; Jazmine Eaton, Provost Scholarship; Reana Montalvo, Dean’s Scholarship; Emily Perkins, Dean’s Scholarship; Samantha Peterson, Academic Distinction Year 1; Derek Bohn, Academic Distinction Year 1; Desiree Cantrell, Academic Achievement Year 1; Michaela Dickey, Board of Governors Scholarship; Ty Gardener, Academic Excellence Year 1; Kayli Shannon, Academic Achievement Year 1; Morgan Shelley, Academic Distinction Year 1; and Chase Towell, Board of Governors Scholarship.

Norwood: Kylee Bradshaw, Dean’s Scholarship; Kaytlynn Drake, Provost Scholarship; and Sidney Schultz, Academic Achievement Year 1.


Baxter County

Gassville: Chloe Lydon, out-of-state fee waiver.

Mtn. Home: Sophia Baker, Provost Scholarship; William Bevel, Inclusive Excellence Scholarship; Walker Byrum, out-of-state fee waver; Mason Cruse, Academic Distinction Year 1 and out-of-state fee waver; Amelia Frounfelter, Academic Distinction Year 1 and out-of-state fee waver; Samuel Hoskins, Dean’s Scholarship; Isaiah Kemp, Provost Scholarship; Erin Recktenwald, Provost Scholarship; and Tomas Seamans, Provost Scholarship.

Fulton County

Mammoth Spring: Aysa Walsh, out-of-state fee waiver, and Makensi Case, Board of Governors Scholarship.