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New rates for area camping, cave tours take effect in April 


New rates for camping and cave tours will go into effect at Ozark National Scenic Riverways on April 15.

Rate adjustments will be implemented in the developed front-country campgrounds at Alley Spring, Big Spring, Two Rivers, Round Spring and Pulltite. 

Increased rates will also apply to all back-country campgrounds, including those located at Big Tree, Grubb, Gooseneck, Bay Creek, Blue Spring, Rymers, Shawnee Creek, Two Rivers (back-country site), Log Yard, Powder Mill, Sinking Creek, Cedar Grove and Dee Murray. 

Additionally, camping fees will be established at the Jerktail, Broadfoot and Clubhouse back-country campgrounds. 

The campsites at Bachers and Baptizing Hole would be added to the back-country fee structure at Blue Spring Campground.

Public feedback on proposed fee increases was sought during a 45-day comment period in late 2021. 

During that period, 43 correspondences were received. Commenters were generally supportive of the proposed rate increases for front-country campsites, back-country group campsites and cave tours, according to the National Park Service. 

Several commenters expressed concern about the level of the proposed increase for regular back-country campsites and suggested a smaller increase in those areas.

Superintendent Jason Lott said, “We appreciate those that took the time to review the proposed rate adjustments and offer their feedback.” 

“After considering all the comments, we adjusted the proposed rate for back-country campsites as was recommended. The rate increase will allow us to enhance our services in park campgrounds and be used for ongoing park enhancements, like new trails, flood-resilient restrooms, visitor programs and exhibits, expanded trash collection, and park signs. Visitors will see an immediate use of these funds with the installation of seven new vault restrooms later in 2022, located at Rymers, Bay Creek, Akers, Sinking Creek, Blue Spring on the Current, Pin Oak, and Big Tree,” Lott said.  

In 2004, Congress passed the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act which allows Ozark National Scenic Riverways to keep approximately 96% of fees collected for operating and maintaining the park. 

This includes day-to-day costs for operating campgrounds, maintenance such as trash removal, and servicing restroom facilities, as well as longer-term improvements like upgrading restrooms and showers, constructing and maintaining trails, improving campgrounds, and providing programs for visitors.

Peak Season Rates (April 15 - Oct. 15) Current Rate, New Rate

Back-country campsite $5/night, $10/night

Back-country cluster campsite $15/night, $25/night

Back-country group campsite $50/night, $65/night

Front-country non-electric campsite $16/night, $20/night

Front-country electric campsite $19/night, $30/night

Front-country cluster campsite $25/night, $45/night

Front-country group campsite $100/night, $140/night

Off-Season Rates (Oct. 16 - April 14) Current Rate, New Rate

Front-country non-electric campsite $0/night, $10/night

Front-country electric campsite $0/night, $20/night

Front-country group campsite $0/night, $50/night

Chubb Hollow group campsite $0/night, $25/night

Round Spring Cave Tours (Memorial Day to Labor Day) Current Rate, New Rate

Cave tour (adult) $5 per person, $10 per person

Cave tour (child age 12 and under) $2 per person, $5 per person


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