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Pink Out Triumph: Community unites, raising over $9K for cancer patients


The community spirit was palpable, and the sky radiated with a shade of hopeful pink as the first home football game of the season turned into a beacon of hope.

Held on Sept. 1, the Pink Out event not only celebrated sportsmanship and camaraderie but also heralded a noble cause that witnessed an overwhelming wave of support. An astonishing total of $9,585.98 was collected, with every penny destined for the Ozarks Healthcare Cancer Treatment Center Patient Emergency Fund.

While the thud of the football and the roaring cheers remained constants, there was an added vibrancy in the stands. Thousands donned pink T-shirts, symbolizing their support for cancer patients and the relentless fight against the disease. But this was no ordinary event, and behind its immense success was an ensemble of local heroes.

It's impossible to overlook the monumental role played by Zizzer Football. Their athletic spirit matched their philanthropic hearts as they, alongside the WP Quarterback Club and the melodic Zizzer Pride Band, took the noble step of contributing 50% of the gate proceeds. And the giving didn’t stop there; they further warmed hearts by dedicating half of the concession stand profits to the cause.

Ozarks Healthcare, apart from being the beneficiary, played a significant role in rallying support and spotlighting the critical need for funds for their Cancer Treatment Center Patient Emergency Fund.

A sea of pink flooded the stands, and this visual spectacle was made possible by Hibby’s Sports Grille. Not only did they sponsor the T-shirt sales, ensuring that every cent of profit was directed toward the cause, but their involvement also cemented their reputation as community frontrunners in philanthropy.

Adding a dash of excitement to the event was a raffle that had attendees buzzing with anticipation. Thanks to the magnanimous donation from Hirsch Feed and Farm Supply, participants had a shot at winning a premium Redneck Deer Blind. This gesture not only increased participation but significantly boosted the funds raised.

An event of this magnitude and success isn’t a solitary endeavor. It's the collective spirit, the unity of purpose, and the heartfelt contributions of every individual and organization involved that made the difference.

To Hibby’s Sports Grille, Hirsch Feed and Farm Supply, Zizzer Football, the WP Quarterback Club, the Zizzer Pride Band and Ozarks Healthcare: the community extends its profound gratitude. Their unwavering support and dedication have left an indelible mark.

As the final whistle blew and the scores were tallied, it was evident that the real victory was off the field. The Pink Out event demonstrated the power of a united community. The substantial funds raised will now aid numerous cancer patients, offering them financial relief during their most challenging times.

A massive thanks is due to everyone who participated, supported and cheered, both for the game and the cause. This wasn't just a football game; it was a testament to the spirit of unity, the joy of giving, and the unyielding hope for a brighter tomorrow.