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Quill introduces new pages with its digital format


With the introduction of the new Monday edition of the West Plains Daily Quill, readers may notice some other changes, as well.

First among them, the weekly Health page has been moved from its previous publication day of Thursdays to Mondays in the e-Edition, and will print on Wednesdays.

The e-Editions go live at 6 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on the Quill website, www.westplainsdailyquill.net. Because printed editions of Wednesday and Saturday papers are available early for purchase at newsstands, the digital versions of the paper will go live at 12:01 a.m. those days.

The Farm page has been moved from Tuesdays to Thursdays for the e-Edition. The change is made in order to accommodate cattle producers who regularly watch for the livestock reports published out of the Ozark Regional Stockyard, which holds sales Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. It will print in Saturday’s paper edition, so that producers can have their information ahead of the next week’s sales.

Newly added will be a Local Voices page, to publish in the Tuesday e-Edition and in Wednesday’s newspapers. The page will feature contributing columnists including Jim Hamilton, Dennis Willard, Kathie Cox and Chris Herbolsheimer.

As space allows, it will also revisit Comings and Goings, a past Quill staple that featured the goings-on of regular folks in the community. In the rebooted version, members of the community are invited to share brief updates about their activities. An example of the Comings and Goings article, from the Nov. 29, 1960 Quill, is published alongside this article for reference.

To submit to the rebooted Comings and Goings column, email firsthand updates to the Quill at news@wpdailyquill.net. Submissions must be firsthand knowledge, meaning the updates must have happened to the submitter directly or be regarding an immediate first-degree relative. Examples of acceptable submissions could include the arrival of a new family member, a prayer request for someone in poor health, a visit out of town or a congratulations. Submissions may not be gossip and must be validated as true. Contact information will be required for verification.

Also to be added in Wednesday’s print edition, a full page will be dedicated to the Community Calendar to allow for readers to plan for the long term.

The Quill welcomes and encourages feedback, suggestions and questions about the new format. Call 417-256-9191, email news@wpdailyquill.net or drop by the office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays.