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THIS I REMEMBER: Kevin, Bill, Larry and Earl


Each time I go for a haircut at Randy Tate’s, “The Barber,” I think of the story he told me about Kevin Judd.

Randy was working at the Barber shop on Jefferson Avenue, just below the old Quill location. Randy and Jack Judd worked together there for 14 years.

Bill Judd and his son, young Kevin, were there for haircuts. Kevin was in the chair getting his hair cut and suddenly jumped out of the chair and fell on the floor.

Kevin said to his dad, Bill, that the razor had shocked him. Jack the barber said, no, it did not happen. Bill rather gruffly said, “Son, get back up in the barber chair,” and he did.

Shortly thereafter, the electric razor caught on fire — in Jack’s hand! Kids: 1, Adults: 0. I never heard Kevin tell the story, but I plan to. Kevin is a natural-born storyteller and could have been highly successful as a stand-up comedian.

Larry Judd, Kevin’s uncle, told me the story about my brother Junior taking Larry and Earl Crow bass fishing down at Norfork Lake.

I think I may have mentioned before about my brother Junior’s lack of patience and temper.

They fished awhile without any luck. Periodically, Earl Crow would sail his Lure toward the shoreline, but his throw exceeded his expectations and would land on the shore and not in the water.

It seems Larry and Earl both had issues in casting, and after about eight bouts of retrieving their fishing lures, Junior abruptly said, “That’s it, let’s go,” and as Larry tells the story to me, Junior took them to shore and dumped their a**** on the ground.

I contested Larry’s story, but he swore it was so!

Errant throws: 8, A**** on the ground: 2!

This I remember.