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This I Remember… Pesky Little Critters


“Oh yeah, they remembered how they got here.”

Georgia Osborne shot the three and hit some key baskets going down the stretch. 

Olivia Lawson, so young and brave.

Kaylee Dixon comes bounding off the bench all starry-eyed. 

Zoey Williams did not score in the final game and was disappointed but what she did was take good care of the ball, didn’t shoot a bad shot, and played good defense. 

Defense and taking care of the ball (tempo) is what characterized the West Plains Zizzer Girls in the Missouri Show-Me showdown in Springfield, where they brought home the class five championship trophy. 

Sophomore Allyssa Joyner was like a wall on defense, strong and firm. Six feet tall with arms fully extended and a stoic fall that said, “not on my watch.”

Allyssa and Ashton Judd controlled the defensive boards, seldom if ever giving up a second shot. 

Mother duck Ashton Judd and her ducklings were a sight to see. 

Ashton Judd defines athletic greatness as she was just as good a leader as she was a player. 

Coach Womack recognized her abilities early and let her lead. 

Zizzer fans, when you talk about this Zizzer team for years to come, don’t forget those pesky little helpers, Zoey Williams, Kaylee Dixon, Georgia Osborne and Olivia Lawson. 

Always remember that final championship game. The first half was so easy, and it was apparent to all the Zizzers would win. 

The second half began, and the Zizzer girls decided, let's do this individually, and all of a sudden, after three hastily taken shots, the sky turned dark, the wind began to blow, and suddenly the score was tied at 29-29 with 2:43 left in the third quarter. The Zizzers had led 24-15 at the half. 

Then someone remembered! We are a team, however great or small. That’s who we are, and that’s who we will be, and the rest is history: Zizzers 50, Whitfield Warriors 37. 

When you win a state championship, you win it because you believe in yourselves as a team and you trust your coach. You have a great player or two, and you have those pesky little critters. Congrats to Mary Gohn, Zoey Williams, Kaylee Dixon, Georgia Osbourne, Emily Dawson, Drew Harris, Allyssa Joyner, Madison Hughston, Ashton Judd, Olivia Lawson, Hannah Judd, and Coach Womack!

Go mighty Zizzers. 

This I Remember.


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