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THIS I REMEMBER: West Plains Bank


I was at West Plains Bank this morning: Downtown! It was a hub of activity. My wife Sue and I were there to see Cheryl Finley.

I said to Sue, “There’s the Gohn girl.” Sue added the first and middle name: Mary Claire.

Mary Claire will be off to school soon. Someday she may be president of the bank. She reminds me of her dad, David M. Gohn.

My relationships with the Gohns go back to Dan and Dorothy. I played basketball in their driveway, on concrete and with a chain net. Dan and Dorothy drove us to ballgames in their station wagon 67 years ago. I was 12 and S. David Gohn was 14. Today, David Gohn, Sr., is chairman of the board. A lot has happened since I sold soft-shell crawdads to Dan, S. David’s dad, for 35 cents a dozen.

Three generations of bankers: Dan, S. David, and David M. Gohn, S. David’s son. Courtney (Gohn) Beykirch has moved to Springfield with her husband and family. Mary Claire is working as a teller at the bank this summer.

West Plains Bank is a pillar of our community!

I think the one thing that stands out the most about the Gohns is their demeanor.

“Demeanor” is a noun that refers to someone’s outward behavior and appearance. It is spelled “demeanour” everywhere except the United States.

Your demeanor affects how people perceive you. Demeanor can be used as a synonym for conduct: “To conduct oneself in a certain way.”

My perception of the whole family is that they are highly touted or recommended, not just for banking, but for lives well-lived.

And then, all the good people who have worked there for the last 140 years.

I came to the bank to see Cheryl about finalizing a West Plains Bank Go Club trip to Michigan this fall! The Go Club is for seniors. Cheryl is the West Plains Bank Go Club “go-to person” and has been for many years.

I said to Cheryl, “There is a lot involved in doing what you do in planning these trips.” She agreed and said there are nearly 50 people planning to go. Her husband, Bruce, helps Cheryl on the trips. They make a great team.

I could not begin to name and give praise to all the employees, past and present, but I can tell you the stories that can be told will be left for those telling the stories every day of their lives, working at the bank’s various locations in West Plains, Houston, Willow Springs, Mtn. View and Mtn. Home, Ark.

Congrats on your achievements!

This I remember.