Lori Garrison

Events at Shady Oaks were quite exciting this week. On Monday, Staff and residents enjoyed our 2020 Shady Oaks beauty pageant this week. I would like to thank my daughter, Olivia Garrison, for her help with making the sashes for our residents who participated in our pageant. Our contestants were Wanda Hall, Lavern Clark, Diane O’Mary, Cheryl Arthurs, Linda James and Gloria Greatz.

We had a panel of four judges: two residents, Peggy Flood, who was last year’s winner, and Traci Bennett, and two staff, Lynsey Miller and Misty Altermatt. Each contestant introduced themselves and was asked a few questions by our panel of judges and scored on their answers. Our Shady Oaks 2020 Queen was Cheryl Arthurs.

All of our contestants did a wonderful job! I would like to say a big Thank you to Sharon Bowers, from Mammoth Spring Florist, for donating 12 carnations to hand out to our contestants who participated in our pageant.

A birthday was also celebrated on June 15. Mrs. Freda Caldwell enjoyed receiving cards on her 86th birthday, and seeing her granddaughter, Rachel Harris, through her window. Rachel and her grandma read through all the cards that were sent and both enjoyed their visit!

Tuesday was Bingo day, which is the residents’ favorite activity. Wanda Hall, Francis Sandifer, Diane O’Mary, Lavern Clark, Donna Brink, Diane Coonce, Traci Bennett, Leon Robinson and Vera Williams enjoyed Bingo. Francis Sandifer was our winner for Blackout Bingo. This was her first time playing here at Shady Oaks. She called it beginner’s luck!

I also was able to pamper a couple of our ladies in the afternoon. Eulah Grimes enjoyed socializing while I colored and styled her hair. Mrs. Sue Paulette was another resident who likes to get pampered. I styled her hair while she talked about her family and friends. She stated “getting her hair done is relaxing.” I’m glad I could help these ladies feel special!

Wednesday it was requested to sit outside in the courtyard. Residents enjoy watching the birds and squirrels, feeding them crackers and peanuts, and being able to socialize with one another. In the afternoon, we made butterflies out of coffee filters. Lavern Clark, Paulette Watne, Traci Bennett, Mae Austin, Gloria Greatz, and Kathy Phillips enjoyed partaking in craft time. The butterflies turned out beautiful.

Thursday was Bingo day again. Cheryl Arthurs and Diane O’Mary were our bingo winners. As always, Bingo was a big hit with several residents participating. Leon Robinson, Denzil Crews, Joann Bowlin, Frances Sandifer, Irene Simms, Lavern Clark, Traci Bennett, Mae Austin, and Paulette Watne enjoyed our Bingo game.

The residents also enjoyed cookies and lemonade in the afternoon. Flavored Oreos were handed out and they were a big hit. Some of the resident’s favorites were caramel coconut, carrot cake and chocolate marshmallow. Ray Hall, Lola Neal and Janice Elliot enjoyed cookies and lemonade.

Friday we made fans out of plates and popsicle sticks. Residents enjoyed making fans to keep in their rooms or to hand out to their favorite staff. Popcorn was handed out in the afternoon. Bobby Peebles, Michael Tucker and Russell Qualls enjoyed their afternoon snack along with many other residents.

Hope everyone has a great week! Stay cool!

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