Dora R-III School District

The Dora School Board during its February meeting voted 5 to 1 in closed session not to renew  high school principal Rick Luna’s contract, according to minutes provided to the Quill by the school district.

The lone vote to renew Luna’s contract came from board President Ed Lee. School board members Cass Martin, Terry Martin, Lindsay Collins, Lynda Smith and Tim Masters voted no and Robert Lee abstained.

Elementary Principal Brett Mitchell’s contract was extended through the 2021-2022 school year by a unanimous board vote held in the same closed session.

No reason was given for the board’s vote regarding Luna.

Luna, who has also served as high school boys’ basketball coach, was the subject a switching scandal that received national attention in January 2019. Widely-circulated videos initially released to the Springfield News-Leader appeared to show Dora High School swapping two of Luna’s triplet sons, members of the basketball team, to shoot free throws during a December 2018 game against Licking High School.

Dora would win the game against Licking and later become that season’s Class 1 District 3 champions. Missouri State High School Activities Association officials said at the time that, even if the allegations were confirmed, it would not change the results of the game.


In open session Superintendent Dr. Allen Woods reviewed two items from old business. He reviewed a response from Current Inc. and told the school board that Current is installing their own equipment and the school will not be going into partnership with the company.

Woods also reviewed a letter from a Federal Emergency Management Administration building architect advising the school to not put up a batting cage at the new FEMA building, as there isn’t a load bearing place available for installation.

Under new business, concerns were raised about inappropriate books in the school library, and about seniors traveling on a cruise in light of fears regarding COVID-19, the coronavirus disease that first appeared late last year in Wuhan, China.

Woods said he would look into the matter of the books. As for the the senior trip, the school board agreed to hold a meeting with parents and seniors to decide whether to proceed with the trip.

Woods also provided facility, budget and insurance updates and discussed the need for new smart boards for prekindergarten program, as well as replacement of the school’s existing smart boards in the school.

Mitchell presented an update on the STEM program, showing examples of the science, technology, engineering and math curriculum such as students making chess pieces with a 3D printer.

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