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This golfball-sized hail fell at the home of Nathan and Dana Fleming at Arditta, near Caulfield in Howell County, and smashed a windshield in one of their vehicles.

Strong winds, lightning and hail rolled through northern Arkansas and southern Missouri Sunday, dropping little rain but causing some wind damage and power outages, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

The worst of the hail was centered near Mtn. Home, Ark., at Norfork Lake in Baxter County, before the storm traveled northwest through Caulfield in southeastern Howell County and on through Shannon County.

Power outages caused by high winds were reported in the Mtn. View, Birch Tree and Winona areas of eastern Howell County and western Shannon County, according to the NWS.

The largest reported hail was at about 12:20 p.m. at Mtn. Home at two-and-a-half-inches, or about the size of a tennis ball. Though there was a brief downpour in West Plains Sunday afternoon, the NWS reported only 0.13 inches of rain for the day, the total for West Plains for the first three days in May.

Officials with Howell Oregon Electric Cooperative (HOEC) reported one broken power pole and an outage to 1,215 members caused by the storm, citing lightning and high winds as the main cause.

Myles Smith, HOEC Manager of Member Services, praised the co-op personnel who responded quickly and diligently to restore power to members.

Power outages are more common during storm season, when lightning strikes and trees blown over by high winds can hit power lines and poles. HOEC reminds members if they see a downed power line to stay away from it and report downed lines and outages immediately at 256-2131 or 888-HOE-POWER.

During outages call volume is typically high, but HOEC officials assure members that voicemails are checked. Outages can also be reported by using the HOEC SmartHub Mobile app on your iPhone or Android device, or on the cooperative website at www.hoecoop.org.

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Maybe PREPARE yourselves and your equipment for the services provided. I lived in FL for YEARS during hurricanes and the nines, and this wasn't a thing at random unless the whole area knew to prep for it. Seems to me, your customers/co-owners (that's what a co-op IS in essentiality, correct?) aren't being provided the services they pay for. With your rates being hiked, comes the responsibility and JOB of holding to your service being provided uninterrupted. I bet our bills come on time, and a cuttoff happens if WE'RE outside our contract... Tighten up. Quit paying attention to areas where people can just run to the store. Some of us 30mi from town have fridges and deep freezers STOCKPILED because we only make it to covolization on occassion.

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