Health inspection results for West Plains and Howell County businesses are provided by the Howell County Health Department. Details in the report include inspector comments, based on findings.  

Violations are broken into two categories, critical and noncritical.  

A critical violation is defined as an issue that could be directly related to making someone sick. A noncritical violation does not have a direct relation to foodborne illness.

Major points assessed in each inspection:

-Potentially hazardous foods need to be held hot at 140 degrees or above
-Potentially hazardous foods need to be held cold at 41 degrees or below.
-Sanitation can be accomplished using either chlorine-based sanitizer, (with a solution of 50 to 100 parts per million) or quaternary ammonia solutions labeled with a solution of 220 ppm.



Snappy Mart 9, 1671 U.S. 63, West Plains. Critical: 1 Observed prep area hand sink blocked, inaccessible for proper hand washing and no paper towels available. Instructed to correct by Jan. 1. Noncritical: 3 Observed prep area freezers in need of defrosting due to ice accumulation. Instructed to correct by Jan. 7. Observed wall repair ongoing, must continue and finish repair, and observed unnecessary items/clutter/deep cleaning needed in prep/storage area. Instructed to correct both violations by Jan. 14, 2020. Will reinspect Jan. 14 and above violations must be corrected. 

Subway/Hanks, 513 N. Pine, Mtn. View. Critical: 0 Noncritical: 1 Observed spray bottles on prep line not properly labeled for easy, proper identification — corrected onsite. 

The Ranch House Bar & Grill, 1321 Preacher Roe Blvd., West Plains. Reinspection. Critical: 0 Noncritical: 2 Observed salad prep cooler at 47 degrees at time of inspection, monitor to ensure product remains at 41 degrees or lower. Instructed to correct by Jan. 3. Observed walk-in freezer with excessive ice accumulation in need of repair/cleaning. Instructed to correct by Jan. 30. 

Wendy’s, 1467 Gibson, West Plains. Critical: 1 Observed improper storage of chemical/cleaner on drive thru prep area, with risk of possible cross-contamination, should store chemicals under and away from prep areas; no paper towels available at prep area hand sink, paper towels must be available for proper hand washing; and food boxes stored on floor in walk-in cooler and freezer — all violations corrected onsite. 

West Plains Country Club, 1402 Country Club, West Plains. Critical: 0 Noncritical: 2 Observed spray bottles in prep area not properly labeled for easy identification, corrected onsite; and upright prep freezer with food debris in need of cleaning, instructed to correct by Jan. 1.

Wild Vine, 307 Kentucky, West Plains. No violations observed.

Willow Springs Senior Center, Senior Center Lane, Willow Springs. Critical: 0 Noncritical: 2 Observed paper towels not properly dispensed at prep area hand sink and clean dishes stored on cloth towel, should store dishes only on nonabsorbent surface. Both violations corrected onsite. 

To view all the city and county restaurant inspections — visit the website,

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