The Heart of the Ozarks United Way

After serving the Heart of the Ozarks United Way for over a decade, Sara Stout is resigning as the group’s executive coordinator.

“I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn more about the nonprofit business during my time at Heart of the Ozarks United Way.” Stout said in a statement.

Stout has taken a new position with the Christos House, a sexual and domestic violence shelter and outreach service. She will start in that position Monday, however, Stout will continue to assist the Heart of the Ozarks United Way through the month of June.

“We wish Sara nothing but the best,” said Heart of the Ozarks United Way Board President Ed Button. “She has been an invaluable resource for not only myself as I’ve been learning the ins and outs of the organization, and has also given countless hours not only to HOUW and other area nonprofits we serve.”

However, this presents a unique dilemma for the local United Way.

“Currently, we are short three board members following the addition of Matt Legler to the board of directors last month,” Button added. “Now, we also have to find a new executive coordinator. Anyone who would be interested in this part-time position is more than welcome to send in their resume for consideration.”

The executive coordinator handles a majority of the clerical and general office management duties for Heart of the Ozarks United Way, including general office work and communication with the public, taking meeting minutes and setting up agendas for future meetings, maintaining legal documents and office files, receiving campaign donations and maintaining electronic records of collections, preparing bank deposit records and checks, mailing quarterly allocations to the partner agencies, preparing receipts and bill accounts, scheduling member agencies for hearings, gathering documentation for audits, scheduling group presentations at area businesses and photographs for campaign donors.

People with extensive office and customer service experience, financial or bookkeeping experience, and nonprofit experience are encouraged to apply. Applicants should be proficient in Microsoft software, particularly QuickBooks and Word. To apply for a position on the board or the executive coordinator position, send a resume to

The Heart of the Ozarks United Way serves as a fundraising mechanism for nonprofit agencies in Howell County and in North-Central Arkansas. A total of 16 agencies requested $112,000 in funding for 2019. Donations and pledges in 2019 were down 27% compared to the previous year.

More information on the organization can be found at the Heart of the Ozarks United Way Facebook page
or by visiting

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