West Plains business owner Reid Grigsby unveils the design for his company’s new logo. Early this month, Grigsby announced Norman Orr Office Supply, 202 W. Main St., has officially been rebranded to Büro, the german word for “office.” The change, he said, reflects the direction in which he is taking his business.  

West Plains residents strolling down West Main Street in the last few months may have noticed some changes to the outside of the Norman Orr Building.

Business owner Reid Grigsby shed light on the changes with his recent announcement that he is remaing business from Norman Orr Office Supply to Büro, the German word for “office.”

Grigsby, who purchased the business from his father Rick in 2017, said the changes have been a long time coming.

“We want to be seen as more than a local office supply store,” he explained. “We offer a lot of different products and services that go beyond office supplies.” He added the business also offers print services, space planning, and janitorial and break room supplies.

“We’re an official Keurig dealer too,” Grigsby said, in reference to the coffee and tea products his company offers online.

Grigsby recognizes change can be risky, and said he was nervous before making the announcement.

“I was wondering how people would take the news, but so far the response has been positive,” he said.

In addition to changing the business name and adding new products and services, Grigsby said he wants to continue making his company a great place to work for. He has included his staff in the rebranding process — before settling on Büro for the name, Grigsby and his employees brainstormed 50 new name ideas.

“I had the privilege to go to Switzerland a few years ago and I was really impressed with how they did business and I wanted to bring some of that back here,” he said.

Büro has five full-time employees and Grigsby said he hopes to grow the business and expand its territory, which now covers 10 counties. He is also focusing on expanding the compnay’s online presence.

Even with the changes, Grigsby stressed, he is still committed to a West Plains-first attitude.

Grigsby said he started working at Norman Orr as a youth after his father purchased the business from the original proprietor — the business’ namesake — in 1986.

“I used to work summers and after school up until I went to college,” he said. In 1999, he came back to work full-time for his father at the business.  

Exterior work to the building should be completed and new signage added to the outside of his building within the next two months, if all goes according to plan, said Grigsby. He plans to remodel the interior of the store to match the exterior changes with the next few years.

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