A Mtn. View man faces five counts of first-degree rape or attempted rape and a count each of first-degree sexual abuse and first-degree sodomy or attempted sodomy after allegedly forcing a girl to have sex several times over the course of about two years, beginning when she was 14 years old.  

Tyler Levi Carr, 19, was indicted by a grand jury Dec. 17 and arrested at 10:25 a.m. Dec. 20 on U.S. 160 and released on $100,000 bail. Carr is reportedly a senior at Mtn. View-Birch Tree Liberty High School.

Cpl. R. Greenan of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, who investigated the incidents, reported he was contacted by the father of the alleged victim. The man reportedly told Greenan that Carr had been in a relationship with his daughter; the relationship had ended but the father had recently learned from a female family member, who told him his daughter confided to her, that Carr had repeatedly forced himself on the teen.

The teen’s father also reportedly told Greenan that Carr had been harassing his wife and daughter when he saw the two of them out in public together, allegedly saying he wanted to “punch” the girl as the two were entering a restaurant.

The father added that he has removed his daughter from school because she was allegedly being harassed there by Carr.

In an interview with law enforcement, the relative in whom the girl had confided described two instances that had been told to her, as well as another time the victim said she had bitten Carr to try to get away from him. The woman said she had been told about the incidents recently, and had gone with the teen to tell her mother about them.

The alleged victim and Carr had reportedly been in a relationship that included consensual sex, but law enforcement investigated the reported instances during which the victim said she was subjected to sex after telling Carr to stop or trying to make him stop, according to court documents.

During the investigation a witness who described herself as a close friend of the alleged victim told Greenan about an incident in April she had observed between Carr and the girl while they were at the witness’ home.

A forensic interview was conducted at the Child Advocacy Center in West Plains; there, the alleged victim described seven times in which Carr initiated sexual contact and continued despite telling him “no,” screaming, or fighting back by kicking at or biting him.

The girl also reported that during the April incident referenced by her friend, the she had screamed and her friend came to the door to check on her and heard what was going on; she added that Carr kept telling her to be quiet so no one could hear them.  

The alleged victim told interviewers she had become fearful of what Carr might do if she refused sex, and had nightmares and panic attacks about the alleged rapes, saying that, at least once, Carr had been insistent the victim meet him after they had broken up.

While getting some of Carr’s belongings from the teen’s home, one of Carr’s family members reportedly told the teen and her mother Carr had gotten his “AR” from the gun cabinet. The alleged victim also reported that Carr had told her if the alleged rapes were reported he would ruin her life.

Other witnesses reported being present when some of the incidents happened or reported having similar encounters with Carr when he was being sexually aggressive or inappropriate, Greenan said.   

During the investigation, Greenan said he learned about a second Liberty High School student who had an encounter in September with Carr, in which he allegedly initiated sexual contact and did not stop when she told him to.

Greenan interviewed a woman in whom the second student had confided, who reportedly told Liberty High School administration about the incident. The woman reportedly told Greenan that administration followed up with the student and Principal John Daniels allegedly told the girl she was faking it, and to not make such allegations.

According to the woman, the student was convinced by Daniels not to tell anyone else about the incident, but had told her mother about it. She and her sister later dropped out of school because of the way the situation was handled, the woman added.

School district administration did not return the Quill’s requests for comment before press time; the school district is on winter break until Monday.

In his report, Greenan said that, on Aug. 29, he contacted Daniels and school resource officer Josh Ashlock to discuss the first victim’s problems with Carr while at school, and Daniels reportedly told Greenan he was aware of the issues and that they were being handled by high school staff members.   

During a phone conversation that was recorded as part of the investigation, Carr allegedly admitted one of the incidents with the first victim had gone too far, but after Carr hired a lawyer, Greenan was informed Carr would not take part in an interview with him.  

Carr is scheduled to be arraigned at 1 p.m. Monday before 37th Circuit Presiding Judge Steven Privette in Howell County Court, according to court records.

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This principal needs to be fired, asap.

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