A Mtn. View man who allegedly held a gun under his wife’s chin and told her to kill herself has been charged with first- and second-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action.

Aaron L. Schulte, 39, was arrested at 8:18 p.m. Nov. 6 and released on $25,000 bail.

Howell County Sheriff’s Deputy Dylan Webb reported on Oct. 3 the alleged victim came to the sheriff’s department and said Schulte had gotten angry with her the day before, for writing a check to buy a toilet seat. She alleged that Schulte got on top of her as she was sitting on a couch and shook her back and forth before choking her until she passed out.

She reportedly told deputies that, when she came to, Schulte was still yelling at her and he broke furniture and picked her up and shoved her into a wall, breaking the drywall.

According to the law enforcement report, she alleged that he then went to the bedroom and came back with a pistol, put it under her chin and told her to kill herself. She added that during the assault Schulte grabbed her hands and tried to put them on the gun in an attempt to get her to shoot herself.

Webb reported there was a “significant” hole in the drywall at the home and broken furniture. Schulte was interviewed by law enforcement on Oct. 4 and denied assaulting his wife, telling deputies she had come out of the bedroom with a pistol and threatened to kill herself.

Schulte said he took the gun away from her, but didn’t hurt her in the process.

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