A West Plains man has been charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a child after allegedly pushing a 3-year-old during an argument with his wife, causing the child to fall and injure himself.

Bradley David Schulte, 25, East Main Street, is also charged with fourth-degree domestic assault. Both charges are misdemeanors.   

West Plains Police Officer Conner Burnes reported he responded to Schulte’s home Friday afternoon and spoke with Schulte’s wife, who said she was packing to leave and she and Schulte were having an argument over it.

She told Burnes during the altercation Schulte emptied a book bag belonging to her 3-year-old son and threw the bag at her. When the boy ran up to Schulte and told him the bag belonged to him, the woman reported to Burnes, Schulte shoved him, causing the child to strike his head on the floor and bite his lip.

When she tried to leave, the woman alleged, Schulte grabbed her by the back of her jacket and pushed her against a wall, so she yelled for help and banged on the windows until neighbors kicked in the door.

According to the report, Schulte said he and his wife had been arguing about her wanting to move back to Wisconsin, and when he came out of the bedroom to find her packing, the child ran up to him and he pushed him back as he ran into him. He also said the child slipped and fell on a wet floor, said Burnes.

Schulte reportedly denied touching his wife or keeping her from leaving.

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