An elderly Baxter County, Ark., man has been arrested after allegedly threatening a man and woman with a gun on Aug. 31 in the Hand Cove area.

Alvin Ray Wycoff, 79, of that area, has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of terroristic threatening, felonies, and third-degree battery and disorderly conduct, misdemeanors.

Wycoff surrendered himself on the charges Thursday, according to Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery. He was booked and released with $15,000 bail.

The alleged victims told deputies they were working in their yard when Wycoff pulled up in a pickup truck and stopped in the middle of the road next to their house. When they asked Wycoff if they could help him, he reportedly became belligerent and said ,"Why don't you hit me? I have a gun. I'm here to shoot you."

A verbal altercation continued from there, but when the couple tried to walk away by passing in front of Wycoff's vehicle, he reportedly pulled forward to block their path then exited the truck and followed them when they went around the back of the vehicle.

Wycoff and the couple reportedly began exchanging words again, leading to Wycoff unholstering a pistol and telling the man he was going to shoot him. Wycoff allegedly struck the man in the mouth as he approached him, and in turn was injured as the man disarmed him. Both were treated at the scene by emergency medical services personnel, Montgomery reported.

After Wycoff was disarmed, the couple walked away from him and waited for law enforcement to arrive. Wycoff reportedly gave a different version of events to deputies, but a viewing of video footage from the couple's home security camera confirmed the victim's version of the incident was accurate, said Montgomery.

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