To the Editor:

Senior citizens need to be on their guard. There is a move afoot that will cut Social Security payments. Ever since the big tax cuts for upper income people in the last tax bill, the deficit has risen and the administration is looking for ways to get other money. One path the administration is pursuing is the chained CPI. This is different from the Cost of Living Index that is used to raise Social Security payments when the cost of living goes up. The idea is: Those old people are tough. They came from the Depression. If prices go up, they can substitute other things. If beef goes up, substitute chicken. If chicken goes up, substitute hot dogs. If hot dogs up, we can always get down to the cat food level.

The chained CPI, where payments don’t go up when the cost of living does, was proposed several years ago and was defeated by outcry from people. The President can put the chained CPI in effect without the approval of Congress. However, Congress can pass laws to stop it.

Our Social Security is in danger. Let Congress know that this is unacceptable.


Pamela Wright, West Plains

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