To the editor:

Thoughts that come to mind when others show their appreciation for things we have done for them, as being one of a group of ex-military personnel that had spent a portion of their life in service to our country:

We had the opportunity as invited members to visit our nation’s capitol, to view some of the accomplishments that have been erected in memory of people that were leaders to make our nation what it is today.

The many thank-yous for our service were multiplied over and over again, and I want to thank all that helped make this event possible: those that were willing to sacrifice to support the burden and expense for the trip for the veterans, and those who were at the airport to express their thanks, military, law enforcement, school children, ball teams, little girls and boys, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, friends and neighbors that were there to express their thanks.

The hate that has been generated in the world can be blotted out with thoughts and actions such as this. 

Again, I would like to express my sincere thanks to my family and friends, and fellow laborers in this country.  Those of leadership of government and industry that blend our labor force and economy to continue, that we can live in a country that has the opportunity to live, work and love our fellow man, of service to our God and creator.

Again, thanks to all that have helped to support such a great event for all veterans.  

Carl Beavers


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