To the Editor: Representative Jason Smith’s recent newsletter is titled, “Definition of Insanity.” His reprehensible psycho babble in this missive is certainly an excellent example of an unhinged mind. He says “allowing criminals and drugs to flow into our country uninhibited is immoral.” The implication is that a new democratic House will somehow let this occur. In actuality, no one is promoting such a policy. The new House leadership has repeatedly offered to negotiate common sense border security funding without the requirement of a wall.

Smith claims “illegal border crossing attempts have spiked to 60,000.” Notice the word “attempts.” This includes the people sitting in Mexico who have come to the border and asked for asylum. Sixty thousand have not actually crossed into this country. In addition, U.S. immigration figures show that illegal border crossings have declined 81 percent in the last 20 years.

Next, Representative Smith claims 90 percent of heroin comes into the U.S. across the southern border. This is largely true. What he fails to mention is 80 to 90 percent of the drug comes through legal border entry points smuggled in commercial and private vehicles. A wall will not address that.

The next bit of nonsense in the newsletter is “encouraged by liberal politicians pushing open borders, there has been a massive increase in families forcing small children to make the...journey.” First, no politician is advocating open borders. This is a fabrication largely created by “President” Trump for purely political reasons. Then, which families are “forcing” children to make the journey? Where did Smith come up with this warped idea? Also, liberals do not encourage people to make a dangerous trek as Smith asserts. It has been demonstrated by ample evidence that families are fleeing Central America to escape violence, poverty and corrupt governments. If conditions in their countries were humane, they would not attempt such a hazardous journey.

As to the bill Speaker Pelosi put to a vote in the House to reopen the government, it’s true it contains no additional money for border security. As Representative Smith well knows, the reopening was to be temporary so both sides could have time to negotiate a border security funding compromise. The “President” and the spineless Senate were not open to the idea of negotiating.

The newsletter ends with Smith lamenting the government shut down and blaming Speaker Pelosi for causing it. I seem to recall “President” Trump on national TV saying he would be proud to claim responsibility for a government shut down. Now, maybe not so much. He has had ample opportunity to reopen the government and negotiate border security funding, but, as many an authoritarian autocrat in the past, he cares only about getting what he wants and little about the affect his desires have on everyone else.

Loren Robinson

Willow Springs

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Loren Robinson has addressed all the falsehoods Rep. Smith put forth with actual facts and figures in his letter to the Editor. It's astounding that Rep. Jason Smith thinks facts don't matter when addressing his constituents. Many of us read, research watch closely what is done in Congress to be better citizens. It's only when we read falsehoods that Rep. Smith writes that we need to speak up & correct him. The manufactured "crisis" on the border is fed by the very misinformation that Congressman Smith promotes.

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