To the editor:

I am going to add my views on gun control. One of the biggest problems is “gun-free zones.” They don’t work. Most, but not all shootings occur in gun-free zones. Most shooters are cowards and they are not going anywhere if someone has the ability to stop their act of cowardice.

I’ll try to explain it so everyone can understand it with a simple example: Say you are going down the highway and a big sign says “speed limit 50 mph, no tolerance,” then every quarter-mile there is a patrol car.

Is the radar on? Is there anyone speeding? I doubt it. However, if you see a sign that says “police-free zone speed limit 50 mph” I’m pretty sure you will not abide by the posted speed limit. See, the same thing happens with “gun-free zones.”

Do what you want because the law prohibits law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves. If you try to take the guns from “law-abiding citizens,” then the criminals will be the only people with the ability to do anything they want without anyone to stop them.

If you want to ban something, how about hoodies worn inside a building.

In today’s environment, every law enforcement vehicle needs to have two officers inside for their safety.

If I need help, I will call the police, not a “politician.” Like my views on abortion, I will not apologize for my beliefs.

John R. Townsend

Willow Springs

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