To the editor:

As I sit and watch all the different ads on T.V. I saw the one for Colonial Life Insurance- ‘You will not be turned down. Well, I thought, that sounds good and I’m in that age bracket. My neighbor signed up also. We put our ages down (84 and 85). Thats what the ad said: You would not be turned down.

Boy, what a surprise we got. We got refused and the reason was “too old.”

Well I called them up and told them they put false advertisement on T.V. about the life insurance and I told them they were a bunch of scammers. It made me feel good to tell them that. Well, that was the first surprise.

The next surprise I got was when I checked my bank statement and found a funny looking check that was for $320.30. I called my bank. They told me to call the sheriff’s department. I did. Well, it wasn’t long and a very nice deputy came to the house, his name was Deputy Caldwell. I filled out the statement saying I did not authorize that check and I don’t do transactions over the phone and the check that was in my account was not my check. Mr. Caldwell said he would get his chief investigator on it. Well, it wasn’t even a week and a half, I got my money back. I have to hank Deputy Caldwell and the other person that I got my money back, and thank my bank.

Thank you,

Eleanor Marquardt

West Plains

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