To the editor: From July to December 1862 Confederate Gen. James McBride ordered Union sympathizers in Howell County, Missouri to leave Howell County or else face the consequences of his confederate soldiers overrunning County in a scorched earth policy. Many left in a wagon train to safety in Rolla.

My ancestors Cyrus and Sena Newberry were in that wagon train and contracted measles along the way, eventually freezing to death along a road in Rolla. Speculation is they are buried in unmarked graves four miles northwest of Rolla. I'm searching for documents, photos, oral or written stories, military records, etc., about the their journey in that wagon train. I'm also searching for descendants of people who were in the wagon train who have oral stories passed down through their families.

I would welcome your email to  


Richard Hawkins   

Stillwater, Okla.

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