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Elliot announces campaign for 153rd District House seat


Cattle farmer and small business owner Keith Elliott of Doniphan has declared his candidacy for the Missouri House of Representatives in the 153rd District, encompassing parts of Oregon, Shannon and Howell counties, as well as Ripley, Carter and Wayne counties.

The seat is currently held by Rep. Darrell Atchison, a Republican from Williamsville who announced in October that he would not seek reelection in 2024.

As a self-proclaimed Conservative Republican, Elliot says he brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to addressing the pressing issues facing the people of Missouri.

"I'm honored to stand before you as a candidate for Missouri's 153rd District. My commitment to our community runs deep, from my years as a youth coach and FFA supporter to my experience as a local small business owner and rancher,” said Elliot. “Together, we can build a Missouri that values family, defends our constitutional rights, and ensures a prosperous future for all."

According to Elliott’s policy platform, he believes the taxation system should be fair and equitable for all Missourians, especially for seniors and members of the middle class.

As an avid sportsman and hunter, Elliott said he is a staunch defender of Second Amendment rights, committed to ensuring that law-abiding citizens have their constitutional rights protected. Elliott also describes himself as “unwaveringly pro-life, pledging to protect and defend innocent life at every stage.”

His vision for education in Missouri includes a commitment to providing world-class education for all students, with a particular emphasis on investing in career and technical education training to prepare the next generation of the Missouri workforce, he said.

In his candidacy announcement, Elliott said he is an active member of his church in Doniphan, and has participated in numerous mission trips aimed at alleviating poverty and rescuing victims of sex trafficking, citing a statistic that Missouri currently ranks fourth in the nation for human trafficking cases. Elliott said he remains committed to working to address this issue head-on, advocating for stronger legislation and law enforcement efforts to combat human trafficking in the state.

"Missouri deserves a representative who understands the challenges our families face,” said Elliot. “From being fiscally responsible with tax payer dollars to addressing the alarming human trafficking rates destroying the lives of our children, I am ready to be your voice in the Missouri House. Let's work together to protect our values, strengthen our communities, and secure a brighter future for the 153rd District."

Elliott also said he is dedicated to ensuring that taxpayer benefits do not go to migrants lacking permanent legal status in the state, and he will “work tirelessly to ensure that Missouri departments collaborate effectively with law enforcement to locate and deport illegal immigrants, reinforcing his commitment to the rule of law and the safety of Missouri communities.”

Elliott lives in Doniphan and runs a farm with his family. The family is active in the local church and community. He said he looks forward to visiting with voters throughout the district and hearing from district residents firsthand about the issues important to them and their families.

Realtor Vinnie Clubb, a Republican from Piedmont in Wayne County, has also announced his candidacy for the 153rd District seat.

Official candidate filing will begin Feb. 27, 2024 for the Aug. 6 primary election.